Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening brightens up your smile and restores your confidence.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Whether we’re eating, speaking, drinking, smiling, or laughing, our teeth are always visible. Over time, they can become affected by lifestyle, health, and natural factors, such as diet, ageing, and medications. A professional teeth whitening treatment can restore your smile’s natural beauty and give you back your confidence. 

Teeth can become discoloured and stained because of lifestyle factors, such as smoking tobacco and drinking teas, coffees, and colas, and dental health issues, such as poor dental hygiene, medication, ageing, and genetics. 

While teeth discolouration is not unusual and happens to everyone, our smile is considered our most important social feature. And, since it can say a lot about who we are, our hygiene, and our lifestyle, a bright, clean smile can make a huge difference! Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching treatments can eliminate stains and bring back your smile’s beauty. 

There are several teeth whitening options, and a professional teeth whitening dentist will assess which one suits your needs best. Here at the Dental Health Centre, we offer both in surgery and at-home treatments that allow you to enjoy a private and completely stress-free experience.

Our recommended teeth whitening treatments include Enlighten Smiles, the best-performing, revolutionary teeth whitening system that actually guarantees Vita shade B1 for every patient, and Boutique Whitening.

Find out more about the different Dental Health Center teeth whitening treatments by getting in touch with your teeth whitening dentist today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional tooth whitening, such as the in-house option we provide, can give you results that last for up to 2 years.

You might find that your teeth are more sensitive after having used a tooth whitening kit or received tooth whitening treatment. This sensitivity will settle down after a few weeks.

Tooth whitening techniques have been used for many years. Our professional dental team are trained and experienced in delivering this treatment. It’s perfectly safe.


Want a whiter smile?

We now offer Boutique Whitening - the UK's leading teeth whitening brand.